I Can Get What From Gum Disease?

I Can Get What From Gum Disease?

  • Posted On : 11-Jan-2018
  • By : Richard Bienenfeld

Most people are aware that periodontal (gum) disease is a serious condition requiring specialized treatment. It can create problems ranging from bad breath to bleeding gums and even tooth loss if left untreated or if treatment is not finished.

Few people realize the extent to which the human body can be affected by periodontal disease.

Here are a few types of problems associated with poor oral health:

  • Pancreatic Cancer - Research* shows that two types of oral bacteria, if left to proliferate, will lead to a higher chance of this acute disease.
  • Lung Cancer and Pulmonary infection - While more prominent in people with smoking issues, diabetes and excessive alcohol consumption, it is also more common in patients with poor oral health.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis - While many causes exist, excess oral bacteria aggravates this condition.
  • Mercury poisoning - Old leaking fillings lead to gum disease and having more than eight, old amalgam (silver) fillings increases the chance of mercury poisoning.
  • Pneumonia - Bacteria in the bloodstream increases the possibility of lung infection.
  • Low testosterone - Periodontal problems cause a decrease in this hormone.
  • Cognitive decline - This impairment tends to accelerate among people affected by mid- or late-term Alzheimer's when periodontal disease is present. These patients often have poorer home care which exacerbates an unhealthy oral condition.

Your best defense is prevention. Remember to maintain a healthy, clean mouth with efficient home care and regular dental cleanings and checkups. We are here to help!

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